TNO prefabrication orbital cutting and beveling machines
TNO prefabrication orbital cutting and beveling machines


TNO Series

The TNO machines cleanly and efficiently cut and bevel tubes and pipes with diameters ranging from 4.5” ID to 72” OD (114.3 mm ID to 1829 mm OD).

These High Speed, Prefabrication Orbital Cutting and Beveling machines, are specially designed to fit your piping or tubing prefab applications on the job site or at your fabrication workshop.  You will find that these machines cut and bevel heavy wall pipes faster than any other machine!

The TNO range of machines are electrically driven and equipped with a hydraulic power unit for the automatic clamping system.  Clamping screws located on the front and back of the machine adjust the concentricity and create a perfect alignment and perfect squaring.

There are many benefits to the TNO machines.  They are portable, rigid, fast and accurate.  They save space in your workshop, or can be integrated into your production lines.  They also save man hours by avoiding grinding operations, flame cutting, difficult handling and setting of pipes on a lathe.  Most importantly, they always provide outstanding results in a short amount of time, with unmatched quality and precision you can count on!