Waterwall cutout windows

The PROTEM GR-Series are outside clamping machines, specifically designed for boiler panels and waterwall cutout windows. They enable simultaneous weld end preparations and excavation of the wall membranes. The machine's body is made of aluminium with optimised mechanical characteristics which permit a combination of lightness and resistance, particularly adapted to on-site machining conditions. The clamping device is composed of a fixed jaw and a mobile jaw, actuated by a ratchet. One set of jaws is necessary for each diameter. Therefore, the customer shall indicate the diameters of the tubes to be machined together with the dimensions/distance between the panels. The feed operation is performed manually thanks to a ratchet. The PROTEM GR machines are quipped with special milling tools, fitted with standard carbide inserts. Each milling tool is dedicated to one specific machining operation. All milling tools are designed to meet customer's specifications. A drawing presenting all details relevant to the machining to be performed shall be submitted on order. All components are of a modular design for easy maintenance and safety.