TTNG series split-frame clamshells for orbital pipe cutting & beveling

The TTNG Series is the premier choice for perfect welding preparations.  Over decades our machines have undergone advanced development and have consistently delivered reliable technology. Each TTNG meets the demand for high accuracy in today‘s welding applications.  They are designed to machine virtually any wall thickness, perform superbly on heavy wall tubes and pipes, and have been applied successfully on materials with high hardness. TTNG cutting and beveling machines are versatile, dependable, feature powerful drive motors, and a durable yet light weight design.  Machines you can trust!
The machines are mounted to pipe by opening the two half-shells connected with a single hinge, greatly simplifying the mounting process.
Concentric alignment is achieved by independently adjustable clamping jaws; perpendicularity is adjusted simultaneously. Additional clamping screws are tightened to distribute and bear the axial forces. Tool carriages with covered bearings and gears protect against the ingress of chips and debris; this ensures long machine life.
Two tool carriages equipped with the tool bits can perform a simple cut or will cut and bevel in one operation. Two incremental feed speeds can be selected. The machines can be operated in all rotated positions.


Bevel shapes & angles:
I, V, U, X, Compound Bevels,
Others upon on request

Automatic with clutch

Pneumatic or hydraulic
Electric drives upon request

A wide range of modular options extends the capabilities of the TTNG machines:

  • Carriages with double stroke length
  • OD-Tracking carriages to follow the ovality of the tubes
  • Counterboring carriages to perfectly round the inside diameter
  • Copying carriages to perform j-bevels or compound bevels on heavy wall pipes
  • Cutting wheels for chip free cutting operations
  • Enveloping jaws for thin wall thicknesses
  • Remote control for hazardous operations such as: radiation, deep waters, and others
  • Axial copying carriage to perform profile matching on the outside diameter
  • Flat gearbox and radial positioned drive with no exposed parts on the backside
  • Milling modules instead of the tool carriages for special applications

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