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World Steel Tube Production – Review (2023)

A comparison of growth in 2022 and 2023 shows global growth of 12.3%. While the USA and the CIS states are leading the way, Europe has a decline of 1.8 %. Bringing up the rear, however, is Japan with a decline of 37.5% in global steel production. However, the different growth rates in the individ- ual sectors are also noteworthy here. For welded tubes >406, the EU also recorded an increase of 25% and even Japan has a plus of 28%. The Chinese market is also showing growth figures of 14.8%. China’s enormous growth figures are now being put into perspective. Worldwide, growth can therefore be seen in all the areas men- tioned, with the exception of the EU and Japan.

Total in Tto.

Seamless tubes in Tto.

Welded tubes <406 in Tto.

Welded tubes >406 in Tto.

Welded tubes in Tto.