10 years PURES-tubes

"Dimensionally accurate solutions - well terminated" focuses the Nuremberg sales office PURES-tubes (PURchasing and SalES) its message this year for its tenth anniversary.
Since its inception in 2009, the company operates internationally and provides customers with precision tubes and fittings for serial and intermediate needs; if possible, requests with smaller requirements are also processed.
Concentration on processing solutions
At half-time the existence of Pures-tubes, almost 69% of the goods were shipped to the USA, 20% to southern Europe and 11% to Germany. From 2016, with the focus on processing solutions and fittings, sales for Europe shifted to 60% (in particular Austria, Portugal, Poland, Hungary) and for Germany to 40%. According to the market analysis, this shows that Pures-tubes was able to position itself well in the industrial / mechanical engineering sectors (from 19% to 30%), in the energy, thermal equipment, pneumatics and hydraulics sectors (from 28% to 45%). But also has to do with the fact that the company has focused on the procurement of not only standards but also specialties. The ‘Other Applications’ segment (herein, for example, the building and furniture industries) has remained the same over the years at 10%. In the automotive sector, the share of sales decreased from 43% to 15% due to the end of major orders, especially for the USA. Fortunately, the turnover of 2018 in the industry segment Automotive has even now developed on the double.
"Of course, we still want to serve our customers in all sectors with fair prices, good service and transparent processes and want to gain many new customers." Business owner Holger Villnow has been paying his special attention to the energy sector for three years now. “"The metal industry has first and foremost to face the environmental requirements in Europe and the world. As is well known, energy and automotive are the outstanding topics of the future," so Villnow.

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