Its ear to the world market - the nose for price and discerning processing ...

Pures-tubes is an international distribution company, which procures at reasonable prices for the series production suitable tube material and various prefabrications on the world market.
“Today is of importance not only to be able to get the tube quality and size at a good price, the focus is ever more the combination material and optimum processing as well as where and at what time a suitable processing can be carried out. Mostly the struggle for compliance with the tolerances and required centricity is a major hurdle that has to be taken for the manufacturer / supplier.

The company speaks with its customers e.g. about the surface type, the delivery condition, if cold finished, normalized or hardened etc. „We know where we can let for our customers black finishing, chromating, phosphating or anything else; at special surfaces, we usually find a way and the right price.“ Holger Villnow, Pures-tubes owner. Pures-tubes also offers tubes made from boron-alloyed materials such as 22MnB5, 26MnB5 and BTR165.

Through mixed calculation provide optimal prices
„As in many other industries stand the costs at the suppliers in the automotive and mechanical engineering for many years under high pressure. Here one must mostly achieve a tightly calculated price through a mixed calculation. The professional exchange in advance helps the customer often of saving money. Through intensive preoccupation with the project and analysis of the need can often adequate materials be proposed to an even better price.
With some projects we are integrated in the decisions about the processing.” so Holger Villnow.

Caption first pic.: e.g. PURES-tubes delivered for GEMÜ Gebrüder Müller Apparatebau GmbH & Co. KG, Maschinenbau from Ingelfingen/Germany for the recently presented electromotive actuator for seat valves and diaphragm valves at ACHEMA, the GEMÜ eSyDrive, the steel tube sections made of the materials 1.4307 and E355J2.

As a leading manufacturer of valves and automation components knows the GEMÜ Gebrüder Müller Apparatebau GmbH & Co. KG, Maschinenbau from Ingelfingen, how they must "talk" with their suppliers. If the product quality requirements are met, the product developers are open to alternative materials, if necessary, also to alternative processing.
But that also means that the GEMÜ suppliers should know what the purchasing department requires. Since 1964, GEMÜ is working on innovative products and customized solutions for the control and regulation of process media. The world market leader will be, for example, also supported by the new control actuator GEMÜ eSyDrive. Also at an innovation like this, quality and price must be right.

Caption second pic.: The fit of the thin-walled molded parts is crucial for us. Especially with such innovative products, it is important to work with a supplier who provides the consistent production quality even in challenging parts. Of course, we must also observe the price aspects” so Christoph Müller, Technical Purchaser of GEMÜ. (

Accompaniment of the customers over longer production periods of time
Pures-tubes supplies to the automotive industry, power plants, heating plants, industrial plants and machinery, as well as the areas of hydraulics / pneumatics. “To be a series supplier means a compound / binding to the customer over longer production periods and years. This is time intensive, ties up resources, but nonetheless holds a chance to establish a balanced customer / supplier relationship.” But the steel tube specialist Pures-tubes also supplies at individual needs when it is about real specialties.
Certificates and documentation a must
The company works exclusively with tube manufacturers together, who have certificates in accordance with the requested respectively product to be supplied and can prove adequate checking processes (e.g. DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008 DIN EN ISO 14001: 2009; BS OSHAS 18001; ISO / TS 16949, etc.).
„Because we know that the same is not always the same, the customer trust us in the procurement. That trust in us we want to strengthen in the coming years by even more performance. Thereby we favor quality, this avoids consequential costs and strengthens the sustainable satisfaction of our customers” Holger Villnow.

Orders transparent carry out
At the order processing, the professional correct treatment of products as well as transparent processes stand at the very front; it belongs for us but also a fair cooperation in the order-processing thereto.” so Villnow furthermore.
The sales office consists today of a small competent team. The 2009 founded company is on the way to a specialist provider for tubes and precision steel tubes for different applications. Another segment, namely Pures-components, is built up recently. Behind this is maker Holger Villnow, the trained steel merchant who has in the former Hoesch AG, Dortmund, laid the foundation for the international tube business. Through his various positions in purchasing and sales in large and medium companies know the business administrator, what lies behind the requests, what the customer needs. In his highly specialized team are "process experts" with mechanical engineering background and knowledge of the supplier industry for commercial vehicles.

Even service after receipt of payment
„Especially in the series production means reliability the compliance of budgets. We carry out the purchasing and sales for our customers and suppliers well comprehensible. This includes the tracking process for the regional delivery traffic, transports by ship or truck across the continents. Our service does not end after the receipt of payment, i.e. beyond the procurement of additional documents, certificates or data sheets we help also our customers when it is once critical with him. Who is satisfied, comes to us also a ‘second time’  ”.

Extract from the delivery of services PURES-tubes:
Tube groups
- Precision steel tubes
- Stainless steel tubes
- Other steel tubes
- Further types possible on request
- Standard and special sizes

Components partly made from tubes
-   Steel bars (machining steel, stainless steel, carbon steel grades)
-   Profiles (aluminum, steel, stainless steel, plastic)
-   Turned parts from steel, non-ferrous metals and plastic
-   Tubes cut into lengths and processed tubes
-   Stamping and flexible parts
-   Fittings, Elbows, Flanges. Tees and much more
-   Die casting parts, zinc and aluminum
-   Cold formed / extrusion parts

Caption third pic.: Pures-tubes (in the middle Holger Villnow): Finding alternatives for the customer.