Steel Plugs for Heavy-Duty Pipe Blocking and Stopping

Heavy-duty pipe blocking and stopping may require long immersion in chemicals or exposure to high temperatures, which many plugs are not capable of withstanding.

The Pipestoppers® Division manufacture a range of Steel Plugs, which are ideal for more arduous duties and also available as double versions for even tougher applications.

Luke Keane for HFT® said: “The Steel Plugs can be used for low pressure testing and plugging pipes, pipelines and pipework fabrications and other orifices between 2 and 48” (50 to 1,200 mm) diameter. This Range is specifically designed for heavier duty applications such as long immersion in water, for use at higher temperatures or for contact with acidic or alkaline environments for which the Nylon, Aluminium and Inflatable Plugs in the Pipestoppers® Range are not suitable.”

The HFT® Steel Plugs are available as single and double models with sealing rings made from viton, silicon, neoprene, nitrile or natural rubbers for resistance to different temperatures and chemicals.

The Pipestoppers® Division at Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® design and manufacture a range of Mechanical and Inflatable Pipestoppers® and Plugs to suit every application.

The Pipestoppers® Division Manufactures:

The lightweight Nylon Plugs for cleanliness, orbital welding techniques as well as pharmaceutical and medical applications. Other applications for these lightweight plugs include leak testing, sealing, isolation and weld purging. Manufactured in sizes 0.5 up to 6” (12 – 150 mm), the Nylon Plugs are available individually or in ready-made kits.

The heavy-duty Aluminium Plugs allow for arduous duties such as exposure to high temperatures and immersion in chemicals. They are manufactured in sizes 1.5 to 36” (38 - 900 mm).

Lighter in weight, the Inflatable Stoppers are manufactured in various shapes including the Low Profile, Cylindrical and Spherical. There are PetroChem™ resistant versions and high pressure Rubber Plugs as additional products. They are designed for several applications, which include blocking pipes, tanks or other orifices, weld purging, routine maintenance or to prevent the entry of foreign bodies.

For making ice plugs anywhere in piping systems that contain fluid, the Accu-Freeze™ and Qwik-Freezer™ Systems allow repairs to sprinkler heads, exchange of or maintenance to valves or other controls or instrumentation, without draining the system.

Whether your application is weld purging where there are numerous pipe ends to be blocked, preventing draughts that may adversely influence a process, monitoring gas emissions on waste sites, on-site machining to prevent the ingress of machining fluid, swarf and miscellaneous metal pieces from entering pipework or for making ice plugs in pipework, HFT Pipestoppers® Division has the answer!