Reliable from the very first start

Precise, economical, durable: Reika delivers 10-Roll-Straightener to Chelyabinsk Group  after successful factory test

The quality requirements for precision pipes were constantly growing in recent years - and with them the demand on machine builders. There is huge competitive pressure but Reika once again proved that they will withstand all this. A few weeks before shipping the state-of-the-art 10-Roll-Straightener to the Chelyabinsk Group from Russia, the specialist for turnkey tube processing systems and equipment successfully passed the factory test at first attempt. "There is still a certain tension in doing this, despite long-term experience. That is why it is really encouraging to achieve a positive result instantly. Usually, we send five tubes or less through the machine to get the desired quality", CEO Hans-Jörg Braun satisfied explains. Now both parties are looking confident towards the upcoming commissioning at the destination site.
Being one of the leading steel pipe producers in Russia, the Chelyabinsk Group is no longer struggling with the decision to buy the proven Reika Quality. In 2012, the Group already opted for a 10-Roll-Straightener (RRM100) Made in Germany, Hagen. Within a very short time this major customer was amazed by the efficiency and reliability of the system so the company quickly decided to place another two orders. The first order for an expansion of the existing straightener’s finishing line for pipe lengths up to 20 meters and later another one for the new 10-Roll-Straightener type RRM103. With this investment, the Chelyabinsk Group will soon be well prepared to satisfy the customers’ wishes and requests for pipe diameters from 6 mm to 120 mm with a wall thickness range from 0.4 to 12 mm by means of advanced Reika technology – fast, precise and cost efficient.
The RRM103 is state-of-the-art straightening technology. Reika has optimized both, the roller arrangement as well as their geometry, to ensure a maximum contact area with the tube and minimum wear. For the customer this means absolutely straight pipes. In fact, Reika’s great advantage is straightening also the ends of up to 13 meter long tubes according to highest standards. "This ensures a significant economic advantage for our customers, so a return on investment will be achieved within a short time. The follow-up orders from Russia are a perfect proof" says CEO Hans-Jörg Braun.
But this is not the only reason why Reika’s High-Tech Straighteners are entirely convincing the customers. The machines feature a robust, rigid and long-life block frame construction, reducing vibrations to a minimum and the closed machining cell provides protection from noise. Additional benefits include individual drives to ensure a quick and easy change of the rolls, a self-learning CNC control for automatic axis alignment and last but not least, the pinch roll, accelerating and rotating the tubes to the optimum position, prior to the straightening process. Material protecting inlet and outlet troughs and a safe access to the machine interior for easy maintenance complete the overall concept.
Precise, economical, durable: Reika`s Know-How, combined with the practical experience of the customers, are the basis for an excellent straightening result - from the very first start.