CONCLAVE at Tube India, 28 November 2018


International Tube Association India Chapter, in association with Messe Dusseldorf India, is holding a one day conference with the theme TRANSFORMATION OF TUBE AND PIPE MANUFACTURING ADOPTING DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES on November 28, 2018. The Conference will focus on topics like Industry 4.0, Automation, Industrial Robotics, Sensor based Data Collection and Monitoring Systems in Manufacturing, 3 D Printing, Cloud Computing, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Maintenance, Vision Systems and similar, as applied to Tube and Pipe Manufacture. Progressive depletion of natural resources and Competition for such resources and market competition will demand more Efficient and Robust processes in Manufacturing and delivery of value to customers. Digital Technologies is the focus of Manufacturing Management today and how it is transforming Tube and Pipe Manufacturing will be discussed at this Conference.

The organizers wish to invite Researchers, Equipment Manufacturers, Consultants, Advisors, and Practitioners of Digital Technology, Automation and Software companies to share the body of knowledge that they have gathered in this area,. The Conference will also feature live case studies of adoption of Digital Technology in Tube and Pipe Manufacture that has helped the user to derive multiple benefits of their application. The delegates will mainly be from the Suppliers to and Manufacturers in the Tube and Pipe Industry, as well as from users of Tubes and Pipes. The organisers are keen to encourage New Ideas and New Product launches at the Conference.

The Conference will be held on 28th November 2018, alongside Messe Dusseldorf India's Exhibition on Tube, Wire and Metallurgy, between 27th and 29th November 2018, in Mumbai. Speakers at this Conference will be addressing a larger audience who will attend the Conference and the Exhibition together. The speakers will also be able to get a flavor of the progress being made in India, in manufacturing, in these areas.

Please submit your Expression of Interest as a speaker at this Conference and the Title of the Paper immediately and follow this up with a synopsis of the paper before 31st July 2018, to ITA -India Chapter , by email to and

Tel +91-44-4500 0217