PURES-tubes finds the right precision tube for serial and individual applications

Finding the right tube material for a required application, provides the purchasers in the national market often in front of problems. To find a special tube quality on the international “steel pipe market,” fails sometimes because of the available time of the purchasers but also due to language barriers, when “continents” for price reasons must be exceeded. The knowledge about standards and standard equivalents of the requesting company (country) is not active price, then it is for purchasers with less specialization a “egg dance” to find the right thing on the market. Also, there are from time to time uncertainties at the delivery enterprises in the interpretation of drawings for complex applications, such as in the automotive sector or heating and mechanical engineering etc.
These are just some of the reasons why PURES-tubes Purchasing and Sales is asked to search the correct tube material on the (world-) market. “We know where we can do burnishing, chromating, phosphating or others for our customers; for special surfaces we usually find a way and thereto the right price.”
“It is our strength, if desired, to support the production process (materials requirements and installation situation) nationally and internationally with intensive professional exchange,” so Holger Villnow, owner and commercial management of PURES-tubes. We talk to our customers, for example, about the surface characteristics, the delivery condition whether cold finished, normalized or hardened, tolerances in the outer diameter and wall thicknesses. PURES-tubes provides also boron-alloyed tubes from materials such as 22MnB5, 26MnB5 or BTR165 from renowned German manufacturers. For tube elbows we find the right manufacturers who can assure us the desired tolerance with the required centricity. This is often a real challenge.
This all sounds for the tube manufacturer as axiomatic; however, our customers appreciate our expertise and market knowledge for precision tubes and components out of tubes so steel expert and business economist Holger Villnow: „We are looking for solutions from development through to optimized and competent production. We also assist in the procurement of certificates and in carrying out audits. But also customers with individual requirements lie to our heart.“
Holger Villnow is a skilled steel business administrator at the former Hoesch AG, Dortmund and various positions in purchasing and sales in large and medium-sized companies. In his small but highly specialized team there are “process experts” with mechanical engineering background and knowledge of the supply industry for commercial vehicles. If necessary, the company can also carry out supplier audits and supplier qualifications.
PURES-tubes is celebrating its 5th anniversary in July 2014. During this period, national and international customers in the automotive, plant construction and engineering, energy, architecture and civil engineering, environmental engineering and water management, offshore technology, furniture industry, medicine and pharmaceutical technology and other areas of industry could be helped with the listed services. „Because we know that the same is not always the same, the customers trust us in our procurement. This confidence in us, we want to strengthen in the coming years by even more power. Thereby we favor quality: this avoids consequential costs and strengthens the sustainable satisfaction of our customers.“